The last few days have been somewhat eventful for me,
as I've changed residence,
for reasons unknown...
I now live with a guy called Ticklebear.
Funny name if you ask me!!
he doesn't seem like a bad chap,
if only a bit sad perhaps.
Last friday,
he took me out for the first time in a thing called a carrier.
a rudimentary molded plastic box with a grid door,
he was kind enough to put a fleece blanket on the bottom,
a pretty colorful thing,
in a floral print,
which made the traveling more comfortable.
Much appreciated!!!
He said we were going to the veterinarian...
I've since learn what a veterinarian does,
& one question comes to mind:

Do you feel pain because you've seen the vet,
or do see the vet because you feel pain?

I was a bit nervous at first,
having an impending sense of doom.
I wasn't too far from the truth,
as I overheard the vet telling Ticklebear
that I had a flu-like infection
that would affect me my whole life,
but if given proper care,
i should do just fine,
all things considered.
I didn't quite catch the implications...
When we got back home,
Ticklebear grabbed me in the most unusual way,
as he's usually quite gentle with me,
& I scratched him on his arm,
even drawing blood!!
He looked pissed
but I just didn't have any idea
what he meant to do to me.
I was not being unreasonable,
just a bit scared by turn of event.
I suddenly ended up wrapped up in a towel,
feeling very akin to Tutankahmon as i was getting momified in terry cloth.
Next thing I knew,
Ticklebear was poking my mouth with a serynge
& made me gag on the most awful thing
i've ever tasted in my short life.
Every time i tried to gasp for air
or meowled in protest,
he would shoot more of that stuff in my mouth.
i hope this is not dinner
or I'll complain to the chef!!!
to add insult to injury [to my ego],
he put some ointment in my eyes,
making everything blurry & gummy.
What's going on???
well, here's what's going on:
I should have paid better attention at the vet's,
as this is what was meant by proper care of my infection,
T-W-I-C-E D-A-I-L-Y !!!
I don't mean to be a bitch,
but I don't know for how long
I can put up with this.
I know I have a runny nose & runny eyes,
& that I sneeze a lot,
but was it so annoying
that I deserve this kind of treatment?
Apparently so...
since I have no say in the matter,
i'll trust that Ticklebear does this out of kindness,
that there is no malice on his part.
all I can do is:
That's until the next treatment,
which always comes too soon.
It'd better work,
or next time,
it's not Ticklebear I'll scratch,
it'll be the vet!!!


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Bienvenue dans le club des médicamentés à vie!
C'est pas si pire... juste une routine à prendre. Courage, la puce!

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ auntie bloggia:
oh! toi aussi, on te fout dans une serviette???
ca me rassure...

linoue said...

A flu-like infection? Let's hope it is not: H1N 1G4...
Taking medication is not fun especially when you do not feel sick. Think positive Carrie, if you do not get rid of that flu, what you will feel quite worse than a wet towel & force feeding.
Let Ticklebear do his thing, he only wants the best for you.

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ auntie linoue:
that's the whole point. i will never get rid of it. it will come & go for a while, then come back all over again.
i somewhat feel like "mimi" in "la boheme"...

linoue said...

Sorry Carrie,
missed the part about "lifelong".

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