I am Miss Carrie Brad'Chat,
a young feline currently living in Montreal,
need I precise?!?...
this is the place where i'll purr,
also where i'll scratch & hiss.
don't expect it to always be pretty.
LIFE is not pretty,
& i'll keep it real,
minus some occasional photoshop,
it'll be as real as what you see out there...
a young pussy ready to live her life to the fullest.
move aside people,
here I come


linoue said...

Welcome to blogging Miss Brad'Chat,

I cannot wait to read your posts. I think there will be a lot of hissing and scratching going on.

I see in your profile that you are a dashion victim. Perhaps I can ask you for advice on dressing right?

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ linoue:
first of all, thank you for becoming a follower of this blog.
secundo, as far as fashion goes, i'm a strong believer in fur for fashion. the idea is not really popular right now, but since i'm the original owner of this fur, i see no problems with that. maybe you could let your own fur grow?...
maybe not!!!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Hey!! Ma petite Carrie!

Matante va venir te visiter tant qu'elle peut. Virtuellement ou réellement, tout dépendra...
Je te souhaite une belle et longue vie sous les bons soins de Ticklebear.
Et des Minoulo Blahnik, pourquoi pas!!

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ auntie bloggia:
Blahnik sounds nice,
if you get them for me...
envoye matante,
je t'attends!!

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