Has it already been six months since the last update? 
Last time, 
Ophelia was your hostess and yapped her big mouth... 
Now it's my turn!! 
See here a picture above of the both of us taken this september. 
As you can see, 
we are both alive and well!! 
let's recap!!

Last spring, 
Ophelia went to the vet to get fixed, 
like i did...


While i had a few days rest without her around, 
she recuperated quite well 
and was happily reunited with the Man 
who brought her back home... 
Of course!!

She may be young but she knows the game, 
playing coy with the Man...

How come she got to keep her claws? 
not fair if you ask me...

Last spring, 
Ophelia started seeing ghosts...

I swear i could sense something as well.

We both settled down for a while...

but after doing some house cleaning, 
we came across a lot of hair. 
Ghost hair?!? 
Ticklebear claims there are no ghost, 
and that we are the ones shedding all over the place... 

When springtime arrived, 
it was Ophelia's first 
and she marveled at everything she saw and smelled. 
I must admit it was intoxicating for me too 
after the long winter months.

May was sunny and warm 
and offered many moments of quietness.

Moments occasionally interrupted by my roommate...

Ah, who cares?!?

No matter how cute i act...

Ticklebear has eyes mostly on his computer or the new girl...

Yeah, yeah!! 
I get it!! 
She's cute!!!

But it would be nice 
if it would be my turn once in a while...

we girls occasionally share some good times.

On May 15th, 
it was my birthday and Ticklebear gave me a scratcher. 
I loved the attention 
but he shouldn't think he'll get away from his duties to me: 
because he had me declawed, 
he promised he would scratch me until the end of time to my heart's content. 
He did also get a glove that simply drives me nuts with glee!! 

Ophelia's birthday was July 21rst. 
She loved that toy that is now defunct. 
She didn't get scolded for breaking it... 
Guess who's the favorite here?!? 
I did exactly the same thing when I was her age 
and Ticklebear didn't get upset with me either. 
Sorry, honest mistake here!! 
I guess it's OK to break these, 
as long as we leave the leather couch and the television alone, 

Truth be said, 
she amuses herself with most anything, 
like when she plays fetch with those cigarette foils rolled up into a ball...

or vulgar pieces of ribbon. 
I tell you!! 
Truly anything amuses her!!

I must give credit here to the Man
he got me/us a laser pointer. 

He was even cute when he got those glasses with cats painted on them. 
That's so unlike him though.

And he even got us a new floor lamp when the old one broke down. 
One thing he should be reminded though:
we see perfectly well in the dark!!! 
He really didn't have to go through all that trouble.

Then August came by 
and it was official:
Ophelia would stay with us 
as her portrait was hung up on the wall 
next to mine and Igraine's...

The Man still annoys us with his camera, 
trying to get some GLAM shots, 
as he calls them...

This one was taken last June 
as Ophelia cuddled up to me. 
You can all see just how enthusiastic i was about this... 
The Man was very happy to see us together like that. 
I was not!!!

One thing I am happy to report though: 
Ophelia, by stuffing her face all of the time, 
is turning into a pig!!! 
I kid you not!!

She's half my age and already bigger than my pretty self...

Bitching aside, 
do you understand why I have trouble with this? 
I was doing just fine on my own. 
It looks now like it will be an endless series of room-for-two
dinner-for-two, litter-for-two, toys-for-two... 
I didn't sign up for a threesome!!! 
Life is good around here!! 


If some folks doubt that we are smart, 
I mean to prove my point here today. 

(convinced yet!?!)


Just some random cat TICKLEBEAR photographed recently... 
I hate it when his eyes start to wander around!! 
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