I live with a flousy!!
An unashamed flousy!!

That is no proper way for a lady to live.
I guess I'll have to teach Ophelia a thing or two
about graceful feline behavior.

I am a proud citizen of this country
and a prime example of distinction,
priding myself with a no-nonsense approach
about human contacts.

I know how to convey my needs
and bestow a show of affection
when I judge it proper.

But I can't help watching my roommate
dishonoring herself and the species
as she's acting in a most shameful way...

She plays with any piece of trash she finds...

and plays pretty whenever Ticklebear looks at her.
A female of easy virtues,
if you ask me!!

But the fact
that she still has her claws
makes her interesting,
to a certain degree...
The man should beware of those.
I know what I would do
if I still had mine...

I guess
I'll have to put up with her behavior,
but I really wish she would learn from my example.
Oh Ophelia!!
You, slut!!

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