I'M FREE !!!

And I'm feeling just fine!!!
Another visit to the vet
to finally rid me of these metallic stitches
so my life can go back to normal,
at last.
This feels so good!!
I did make a scene at the vet
as the procedure was not very well explained to me,
& TICKLEBEAR got a bit upset with me,
but once we got home,
he gave me a treat anyway.
I guess I didn't do so bad...
or someone's feeling a bit guilty here?!?
If only my fur could now grow back,
nobody will be able to tell
and it'll be our little secret...


Santiago said...

Hola Senorita Brad'Chat!

So glad to meet you and your wonderful blog I must add you immediately!

In the mean time I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope your Papi gives you wonderous extra yummy foods like mine is doing!


Santiago de Montréal

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

Hola Santiago!!
nice of you to drop by. a furry four-legged friend would be a welcomed addition, as i am surroundly exclusively with humans. nothing wrong with that, but you know...
as for food, i lack for nothing, ticklebear has turned me from a puny little thing to a voluptous beauty. can't you tell from the pics?
i should be on the cover of vanity fur, or something...
see you here back soon!!

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