There's nothing wrong with me,
I'm feeling just fine,
& yet,
TICKLEBEAR is taking me to the vet...again!!!
Didn't we just go last week?!?
I don't know what's going on,
but he's been starving me (literally)
since midnight last night.
& he also said to pack up for an overnight stay.
Is he pushing me away?!?
He's been odd lately...
I don't know what he's up to,
but I'll see this as an adventure
& just go with the flow.
I'll tell you all about it
upon my return.
Bye for now!!!


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Bye ma p'tite, tu vas voir, ça fait presque pas mal! Woups... euh... l'éloignement, j'veux dire... euh... bon ben... j'ai hâte à ton retour, là...

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ auntie lucrecia:
ouais, je comprends...maintenant!! mais me voici de retour, finalement!!

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