that was an adventure alright!!
When I got to the vet yesterday afternoon,
I was "welcomed" with an injection,
(talk about a welcome...),
then I was left in a small space with a grid,
not much of a view,
& my neighbors were rather noisy.
I wasn't thrilled with the accomodations,
if you want to know the truth.
I missed my home with TICKLEBEAR!!!
Later on,
the vet took me & set me on a table,
& the rest is pretty fuzzy.
But when I came around,
I just felt weird inside,
& my paws also felt strange.
My claws are gone!!!
And I got some metallic threads on my belly.
What happened to me?
Should I be calling 9-1-1?
Or my lawyer?
I felt pretty lonely all night,
& the day that followed was a long one.
But come evening,
I was pleasantly surprised to see TICKLEBEAR appear,
and he seemed as delighted to see me as I was.
That's a relief
as I was afraid he might have left me.
He picked me up gently & put me in the carrier,
promising the worse was over
& we were going home.
Best news I've had in a while.
When we got home,
he served me my favorite dish,
some trout!!
It was great to find myself again on familiar grounds,
with my toys & my plushy furniture,
& someone to look over me.
There's no place like home!!!


Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Heureuse de voir que tout c'est bien passé!
Allez, je t'envoie de gros bisous, et dans peu de temps, j'irai jouer avec toi... woah!! je vais pouvoir t'agacer deux fois plus, maintenant que tu ne pourras plus m'arracher le dessus des mains!! Hi,Hi,Hi!

Miss Carrie Brad'Chat said...

@ auntie lucrecia:
je t'avouerai, ma tante, ne pas avoir l'energie d'arracher quoique ce soit en ce moment, mais il n'en sera pas toujours ainsi...j'ai encore mes dents. watch out avec l'agacage!!

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